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Stressed Out About Acne?

There are many myths about what can cause acne and spots, such as:

1. Food – many people say that eating chocolate or greasy food can cause acne, but this isn’t true. Although skipping these foods guarantees a healthier, balanced diet, there isn’t actually any evidence that acne is caused by what you eat.
2. Bad Personal Hygiene – some people believe that acne is caused by bad personal hygiene, but if you are going to get acne, you will get it no matter how much you clean your skin. In fact, too much cleaning may make the condition worse.
3. Wearing Makeup – people may say that wearing make-up can cause spots, but again, there is no evidence of this. The less you touch your skin, the fewer bacteria will be spread to your skin, so if you wear make-up, wash your hands before putting your make-up on and always remove it before going to bed.
Acne can affect both women and men and is mostly caused by the way skin reacts to hormonal changes. The skin contains sebaceous glands that naturally release sebum, an oily substance that helps protect it.

During puberty, raised levels of the hormone testosterone can cause too much sebum to be produced. The sebum can then block hair follicles. When dead skin cells mix with the blockage, it can lead to the formation of spots. Bacteria in the skin multiply, which can cause pain and swelling (inflammation) beneath the blockages. Inflammatory acne is when the skin is also red and swollen. This is best to be treated early to prevent scarring.

Acne can become worse during times of stress. In women, it can be affected by the menstrual cycle and sometimes acne can also occur during pregnancy too.

Treatments For Acne

Acne will usually go away by itself but waiting for nature to fix your painful problem can take months (or even years). It is possible for you to buy over-the-counter treatments from a pharmacy and these can sometimes help with mild acne. However, you may not see results for up to several months. There is no need to stress out though as here at Aesthetics of Essex, we can provide treatments that can help clear acne faster and also control your breakouts.

Although facials and skin treatments also take time, having a consultation with our skincare specialist can help identify your type of acne faster. It also means you get a tailored skin care regime that’s sympathetic to your condition that will give you faster, more effective results than over-the-counter treatments.

Before you have a facial or a skin treatment, our skin care specialist will conduct a skin analysis. This skin analysis will help determine the skin care product best suited to treat your skin type and skin condition. It’s important to have a skin analysis so as the most effective treatment can be recommended. Without one, your condition could get worse or the product may not be as effective in treating your acne.

Our qualified therapists use relaxing facial massaging techniques to instantly boost collagen activity under the skin to increase plumpness, whilst our products help to cleanse and improve tone and texture. Results can be seen after your very first session!

Mild, non-inflammatory acne consists of whiteheads and blackheads – to treat this type of acne, gels or lotions that can contain retinoid (vitamin A), topical (applied to the skin) antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide (which is antibacterial) or azelaic acid are used. These medications, or a combination of them, can also be used to treat mild-to-moderate inflammatory acne, which has some pustules and nodules.

Did you know: Contraceptive pills that contain oestrogen can also help clear acne for women?

Types of Facials We Offer

Vitamin C Professional Mask – This facial is rich in L-asoric Acid, This treatment will soften hyper pigmentation and revitalize your skin, giving you a brighter, luminous complexion.

Calming Seaweed Mask – This treatment soothes and purifies normal to oily skin, with antioxidant-rich clays and herbal ingredients.

Cucumber Gel Mask – This treatment is recommended for those with sensitive or dehydrated skin. It reduces inflammation, because we use naturally calming ingredients, which are designed to refresh and soothe. This mask also reduced puffiness and helps to tone the skin which will improve visible lines and wrinkles.

Orange Tea Massage Cream – This treatment nourishes skin with vitamins and botanicals, it is recommended for all skin types and conditions. It contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties and creates a sensory relaxation experience.

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