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Tattoo Removal Maldon

Tattoo Removal Maldon

You no longer need to regret your tattoos! Thanks to the latest breakthrough in laser tattoo removal technology – PicoSure® – you can say goodbye to your tattoos forever. Perfect for tattoo removal in Maldon, Aesthetics of Maldon, sister company of Aesthetics of Essex, are well placed to help you.


What is tattoo removal?

Before choosing tattoo removal in Maldon, you need to know what PicoSure® is all about. Using ultra-short pico-second pulses, and, in conjunction with your own body’s immune system, it has the ability to reduce, and eventually clear, the ink of a tattoo.

This innovative new technological advancement has been met with some scepticism in the past, but the results speak for themselves. You don’t need to sit there for hours undergoing intensive and painful treatments, such as excision, dermabrasion, cryosurgery and salabrasion.


The procedure

When undergoing PicoSure® tattoo removal in Maldon, pressure wave technology is used to completely break-up the underlying tattoo ink into minute particles, that are easily eliminated by your immune system. It is safe for all skin types, without causing any damage, as it does not use the amount of heat other tattoo removal procedures do.

The laser targets the macrophages – immune cells found in the dermis – and consumes the cells that are tattooed. People who have undergone the treatment, report some mild discomfort – almost the same level of pain as a tattoo would give you.

The treatment is very quick, taking between 8 – 12 minutes on average (dependant on tattoo size). There will be a gradual build-up of heat on the skin and the skin may be red, sensitive and slightly swollen for up to two weeks. Sometimes blisters will form on the treated area – usually lasting up to two days – which are completely normal. Results will vary from person-to-person.



Once you’ve had your tattoo removal in Maldon, then it’s advisable to limit the affected area’s exposure to the sun. Because the laser technology targets melanin, removing excess pigment, your skin will be vulnerable to damage from the sun. Therefore, if you do venture out into the sun, you should make sure to wear factor 30 or 50 SPF cream.



There are a number of benefits to using PicoSure® for tattoo removal, including:

  • removes tattoo ink up to three times faster than other tattoo removal systems
  • causes less skin damage
  • less painful
  • works on any skin type
  • removes all ink colours
  • accurate and effective
  • costs less than other tattoo treatments, as it takes less time to remove
  • works on traditionally stubborn blue and green inks
  • extremely low risk of scarring
  • results are permanent


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If you are thinking about tattoo removal in Maldon, then Aesthetics of Maldon are waiting for your call. You can contact us on 01621 491036 or 07564 818836 to arrange your consultation.


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