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How effective is PicoSure® tattoo removal?

PicoSure® is the latest breakthrough in laser tattoo removal technology. Unlike traditional treatments, it uses ultra-short picosecond pulses and the body’s natural immune system to clear the ink. It’s popping up in laser clinics up and down the UK – but does it actually work?

Aesthetics of Essex is a leading provider of PicoSure® tattoo removal – and time and time again, we’re approached by people who are interested, yet sceptical about its efficacy. Personally, we’re a massive fan of PicoSure® and have seen its fantastic results first-hand. Here we take a look at some of the concerns that clients sometimes have about the treatment and attempt to debunk the myths.

  1. PicoSure® will not remove my tattoo completely

This is simply untrue. Yes, the level of ink clearance can be affected by certain factors – such as skin type, the location of the tattoo and colours. But 95% of tattoos can be fully removed using the PicoSure® laser. Most people see an impressive 75% reduction after just one session and, by the end of your scheduled treatments, there’s likely to be no trace of previous body art whatsoever.

  1. The laser can only tackle certain ink colours

False. The PicoSure® laser is, in fact, capable of removing a much wider range of ink colours than traditional treatments. This is due to how it works. Fast picosecond pulses are fired at the targeted area. These pulses create disruption within the ink and cause it to shatter – regardless of its colour.

As such, PicoSure® makes light-work of multi-coloured, complex tattoos and can even tackle notoriously stubborn shades – including black, red, orange, yellow, blue and green.

  1. It takes a long time to see any results

PicoSure® is the fastest tattoo removal treatment in the world. Results can be seen after just one session and, to fully remove a tattoo, most people require 4-6 sessions in total. This makes it four times faster than any other approach. As a testament to our confidence in this timeframe, here at Aesthetics of Essex, we like to offer any additional sessions (after the first 6) completely free of charge.

  1. PicoSure tattoo removal causes scarring

Unlike traditional laser tattoo removal machines, PicoSure® does not heat the skin. Short pulses of energy are simply used to break the ink down into tiny particles – which can then be absorbed and removed naturally by the body’s immune system. This process does not burn or damage the targeted skin in any way – and, after the area has healed, you will not be left with a scar.

  1. PicoSure® is a painful and unpleasant experience

It’s impossible to predict how someone will react to the PicoSure® tattoo removal procedure – yet most people don’t find it painful. It’s often compared to being flicked with an elastic band. Yes, it’s slightly uncomfortable, but certainly not uncomfortable enough to avoid the treatment entirely. Every effort will be made to put you at ease and side effects are usually minimal and short-lived.

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