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Hair transplants have got a bad press – although Aesthetics of Essex is going all out to change all that.

Singing superstar Sir Elton John has certainly had his fair share of the jibes – and not only from the general public. Fellow rocker Rod Stewart had a cheeky pop at Elton’s changing hair, while boasting about his own plentiful (if disordered) thatch. Read his comments in the Express by clicking here:
Football’s Wayne Rooney didn’t fare much better – but then perhaps there’s a limit to what any cosmetic procedure can do to improve his (no doubt endearing to wife Coleen) little potato-head…

But you’d be surprised at the number of male celebrities who have – allegedly – chosen to have hair replacement treatments. On this Nice Hair website, guest writer ‘Sheryl’ gives a rundown. (Most people know about our own James Nesbitt’s hair transformation, but the gorgeous Matthew McConaughey – who’d have thought it?).

What we can learn from all this is that hair is crucial to your appearance. No other ‘facial’ feature has such an impact on your looks and when your hair isn’t right, nothing else feels right. Around 80% of men and 35% of women experience psychological distress due to hair loss.
The good news is that Transplant surgery (for men and women) has come on leaps and bounds over the years and is now able to create the appearance of totally natural new hair growth – undetectable no matter how closely people may look.

Here at Aesthetics of Essex, we provide you with a discreet, sensitive consultation process and offer you a wide range of medical and surgical choices, including hair transplant surgery.
We perform hair transplants (and minor operations such as laser liposuction) at the Westland Medical Centre, in nearby Hornchurch.

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