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Wax Away

These cold winter months make it the perfect time to start your waxing routine as regular treatments encourage the hair to grow back softer and sparser, getting you prepared for next summer. It is essential your skin is protected from the elements during the winter as it may become dry and start to flake, the oils from the wax help lock moisture into the skin and prolong the benefits of waxing!

You can improve your experience by leaving longer intervals between treatments to allow more time for the hair to grow to that crucial ¼” length. For those that stick to having regular treatments there is considerably less pain experienced than by those that don’t.

Benefits of Waxing

Waxing is a fast and convenient method that removes hair directly from the root, producing a smoother result in comparison to stubble which is left from shaving
The re-growth stage is slower as the hair follicle has been removed, on average it takes around two to eight weeks for the hair to grow back
It is suitable for all skin types on men and women, as the wax is heated to body temperature to prevent burning and redness
Reduce odour and increases muscle definition
Skin is less vulnerable to irritation from waxing than caused by shaving
No cuts caused by sharp razors
Start your winter wax today, book 5 treatments with us and get your 6th for free*!

*Excludes Semi-Perm Make-Up
Here at Asthetics of Essex, we offer high quality elasticised wax in the form of wax grips and shrink-wraps. The wax is applied in the direction of the hair, left to cool and harden, then removed in the opposite direction – this ensures less hair breakage and removes a large majority of very short hairs. The other method is suited for larger areas with less dense hair growth – It is applied thinly to an area and is then removed using a paper strip.

We offer a range of treatments starting from £5.50 by our trained therapists who will do their best to put you at ease and provide you with a professional service. We also propose Laser Hair Removal as a pain free, more permanent alternative to hair removal. If you are unsure of what service is best suitable for you, give us a call and book a free consultation!

Advice & Aftercare

After your wax, you should avoid wearing tight clothing for at least 24 hours following the treatment
We recommend you do not use hot baths and showers for at least 24 to 48 hours after your wax and exfoliate the skin two days after treatment, this you can continue to do every three to five days to prevent ingrown hairs
Avoid using products on the waxed area other than those recommended by your therapist
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