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    Eliminate Unwanted Thread Veins and Pigmentation!

    Thread veins are formed by an increase in the size of small blood vessels beneath the surface of the skin. Sometimes referred to as spider naevi, these tiny red, blue or purple veins can appear anywhere on the body but are most commonly found on the face and legs.

    There are a range of unavoidable factors that cause thread veins to develop under our skin such as UV light, extreme temperatures and wind. Additionally, hormonal changes and genetics. Some individuals are more prone to develop thread veins than others – if your parents had thread veins then there is a good chance that you will develop them too. Skin that has been exposed to UV light can produce irregular or abnormal pigment production in the form sun, age, or liver spots (solar lentigos) and freckles (ephelides). Skin looks patchy and uneven in tone and texture, however don’t let this discourage you from standing out, take action against thread veins!

    For those who are searching for a simple invasive treatment that will eliminate unsightly thread veins in the legs, we recommend our scleratherapy treatment, an alternative to our laser treatment. It is a simple, quick procedure involving a series of injections into the veins which cause them to fade, however this treatment does not prevent new veins from emerging.

    We know that everyone strives to have clear, beautiful skin and we are here to help you achieve just that. So if you are searching for a more permanent solution with longer lasting results against thread veins and pigmentation then our Harmony XL Laser treatment is perfect for you. The procedure involves pulses of heat energy being fired onto the skin which closes down thread veins without perforating them or damaging the surrounding tissue. They are then re-absorbed by the body during it’s natural healing process, leaving minimal trace of the original lesion. New cells replace these cells, eliminating any type of discolouration.

    At only 20 minutes on average per session, this treatment is perfect for those with even the busiest lifestyles as this treatment has little to no downtime! In addition to this, no anaesthesia is required, and best of all, you can see immediate results that will only further improve over time!

    Interested? Drop into the clinic for your complimentary consultation to see if the Harmony XL Laser treatment is right for you or give us a call or send us a quick email. Book 5 treatments and receive your 6th one free!

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