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    When Beyonce sang about a ‘Halo’, she probably wasn’t thinking of the ‘halo effect’ that can be achieved by a facelift. But Aesthetics of Essex can help you achieve just that.


    Everyone wants to look their best, either for their partner, for the wider world or just for themselves.


    For example, the talented and versatile actress Sara Parish (from TV’s Mistresses, Peak Practice, Doctor Who, and so on) apparently decided to have a non-surgical facelift to boost her career. And a study (see link below, to the Telegraph newspaper website) has demonstrated that women who have cosmetic procedures to look younger also gain another benefit – it helps them become more successful (and even get you let off a speeding ticket!).



    As you can see, the study from John Hopkins University found that if your features were ‘lifted’ as a result of having a ‘nip and tuck’, not only did people perceive you as being an average of four years younger, your perceived level of attractiveness was raised by around 18 per cent and your appearance of healthiness by 16 per cent. There were also even more exciting benefits. The resulting ‘halo effect’ – where an individual is seen as more attractive – also led to people being more likely to be hired for a job, be treated more leniently by the law and even be more successful in politics! (And when we think of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s rather droopy features, we can perhaps understand one of the reasons why it didn’t go well for him…not sure how we explain Donald Trump, though!).


    So, if you have signs of ageing on your face that worry you, facelift surgery, here at Aesthetics of Essex, could well be right for you – and boost your success in life. Yes, there may be temporary after-effects, such as some numbness and swelling, but you are in good, safe, professional hands with us. There will be follow-up appointments to ensure your treatment has been successful and any scars will gradually improve during the following 18 months. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

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