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Social Networking at Aesthetics of Essex

At Aesthetics of Essex we understand the importance of social media in maintaining and developing a business. Social media encourages the bond between a company and the clients to develop by frequent interaction and communication.

Therefore, our Aesthetics of Essex team frequently utilize the Facebook and Twitter accounts we set up, in order to maintain this regular interaction and communication, as well as promoting our services and latest offers. Our team noticed that this benefitted us as a business because it meant that more people were aware of who we are and what we can do for them. It also benefits our customers because they can find out further information and make inquires. Furthermore they can communicate with each other; significant considering that business spreads by word of mouth.

Furthermore, Aesthetics of Essex have taken social channelling a step further with our recently-launched You Tube Channel. The existing videos on this site involve a few of our available treatments being filmed, with introductions and information given from the nurses. This concept is valuable for those considering a treatment, but cautious of what the procedure actually entails. From watching our videos, they can witness the majority of the process and find out anything they might want to know that isn’t available on the website.

Providing potential customers with a clear illustration of what to expect means that they can also experience the professional and friendly manner we maintain at Aesthetics of Essex. What’s more, they can see just how pristine our results are guaranteed to be. This is one of the key advantages of expanding on our social networking and thus we have been able to build a good relationship with both potential and actual customers.

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