What Guy Hasn’t at Least Thought About Penis Enlargement?

It seems that men today are being increasingly bombarded with imagery of well-endowed men on Film, Television and Billboards. This, coupled with the prevalence of Pornography, is helping to fuel a rising sense of inadequacy amongst men and this may be one explanation for Penis enlargement becoming a growth industry in the UK.

The facts are that a recent study found that 85% of women were happy with the size of their partner’s penis but, 45% of men wanted a bigger one. The ‘average’ erect penis ranges from about 5.5 to 6.2 inches long. The study revealed that 37% of men, who had anxiety about their penis size, said that their problems began in adolescence after they had seen erotic images for the first time. There is no precise definition of what constitutes an abnormally small penis, but guidelines recommend that only those with an erection length of less than 2.75 to 3 inches should be considered for penis enlargement surgery.

Initially, the anxious man, wanting a self-help solution to his penis problem, may well find himself being drawn to the welcoming embrace of the internet where he will be mesmerised by the sheer scale of remedies such as, penis-enlarging pills, creams and supplements. The internet will also promote various forms of physical therapy to increase penis size such as, Penis Pumping (placing the penis in a vacuum pump to stimulate blood-flow) or Clamping (pinching the circumference of the penis shaft to restrict blood-flow). In clinical testing these treatments have proven to produce, either limited or no results and many experts believe they could instead cause permanent damage. So far, no non-surgical method of penis enlargement has been proven to work and let’s face it guys, whether you are straight or gay, your penis is the centre of your universe, either consciously or sub-consciously, so don’t put it in harm’s way.

We at Aesthetics of Essex know that the surgical treatment to Penis-enlargement is the best solution to provide a long term, satisfactory result. This surgical treatment involves either one or both of the following procedures:

Penile lengthening which is the most common technique to lengthen the penis. This involves the cutting of the suspensory ligament, thus allowing for the shaft to be brought forward, thereby lengthening it externally by typically 1-2 inches. Plastic surgery is then used to provide additional skin to cover it new length.

Increasing penile girth (thickness) involves the injection of liposuctioned fat, taken from the abdominal wall or thigh, followed by the re-introduction of the fat into the penile shaft, under the skin. The usual increase in girth (circumference) is between 1 to 2 inches. Surgery in not without potential complications and these may include infection, bleeding or fat displacement in the penis shaft, but they are rare.

A recent study concluded that most of those who had had penoplasty surgery were satisfied with the result. At Aesthetics of Essex we provide a free consultation offer for more information and advice from our specialised Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Dr Gary Horn.

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