Treatments For The Young

Because they’re young

Think anti-ageing facial treatments are just for people of a ‘certain age’? Think again. One of the younger set who has opted for an anti-ageing treatment is hot property Cara Delevigne. She’s one of those women who used to be dubbed a ‘WAH’ – Model, Actress, Whatever. Now she’s very definitely known as a model and an actress and her distinctive looks and quirky lifestyle have put her in the forefront of the current crowd of bright young things.

And what do you know? She’s had the same treatment – the Venus Freeze – that you can have at Freeze Aesthetics, based here in Romford!

All the travelling involved in fashion shows – oh, the poor thing! – had taken their toll on Cara’s looks so, she says: “I prepare at the beginning of the season by having Venus Freeze Face Lift Facial, which zaps heat into your skin. You come out with plump skin because it helps to create collagen.”

Read more about her experience – and also that of a writer – here on the Stylecaster website:

In this article, the writer (Megan Segura) talks to a New York doctor, Irene Gladstein, about the technology behind the Venus Freeze. Here at Freeze Aesthetics, we’ll also be able to explain the technology and the difference it can make to your looks – and you won’t have to go to New York! But please do also read the doctor’s comments, especially her reassurances about how painless the Venus Freeze is.

Dr Gladstein describes the Venus Freeze as ‘an unbelievable technology’. And that’s ‘unbelievable’ in a good way.

Writer Megan – who is also a young woman like model Cara – admits that she has sensitive skin, but even she describes the Venus Freeze treatment as ‘incredibly gentle’.

Here at Freeze Aesthetics we offer this pain-free treatment as a way of holding back the signs of ageing in your face and neck. You should see results after only two treatments – each one lasting only 30 minutes – and it is non-invasive, pain-free and even relaxing.

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