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By using a combination of products tailored to your needs and combining them with skin therapy techniques, you can achieve outstanding results for a healthier and better looking complexion.

Make sure you have the essentials to maximise your treatment results!

Regular skin peels and facials are a nice treat after a busy week and an extra boost of nutrients for your skin. However, your home skin care routine is an important factor that can help to dramatically improve the condition of your skin and achieve a clearer complexion. It’s the first stepping stone in reaching stunning results. By using products we recommend, you can recreate and maintain the post treatment glow on your skin at home. From experience, our opinion is one you can trust and be sure the product does what it says on the packaging!

So why choose salon products over supermarket ones?

Salon products have a multitude of expert research behind them. Our therapists can help you choose the salon products which are safe for your skin type and make recommendations to you, helping to achieve optimal results. Salon products are higher quality and contain a higher consistency of skin loving ingredients than over the counter products, meaning the actual product and effects will last longer.


We supply Glo-Theraputic skin peel products. These are high quality professional exfoliating and chemical products which are kind to the skin, making the suitable for using post any facial treatment. They are formulated with highly concentrated, active ingredients to clinically transform the skin, aid the skin’s healing process and deliver beautiful results. Read about the types of products we offer.

Our fully trained therapists are here to advise you. They can inform you about products and services that target all types of skin conditions such as rosacea acne, pigmentation, sun damage, and ageing.

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