The eye(brows) have it!

OK, why do we have eyebrows in the first place?
Like most of our physical features, they are there for an important purpose. In the case of brows, they keep moisture (sweat, rain) out of our eyes, helping us to see better.
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Over the years there have been various fashions in brows. First there was the natural brow (when women didn’t have time for much in the way of personal grooming).
Then there was the over-plucked brow (when they got too enthusiastic).
THEN came…the Scouse Brow. Yes, even the divine Kate Middleton (aka Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge) has the obvious results of her enthusiasm for this trend lurking above her eyes.

Have a look at these examples of the Scouse Brow from The Telegraph newspaper :

But to really make your eyebrows work for you, and gain a smoother forehead in the process, how about an eyebrow lift? At Aesthetics of Essex, our trained, qualified professionals can carry out this cosmetic surgery to give you great results. Your brows can be better positioned and, even better, the procedure reduces forehead wrinkles!
A brow lift (otherwise known as a forehead lift) reduces those cursed wrinkle lines that appear across your forehead. The eyebrow lift can also reduce wrinkles on the bridge of your nose and between the eyes and even the vertical creases between the eyebrows.
What’s more, the procedure can raise sagging brows that may be causing a hooded effect to your upper eyelids. Just wait till you see your eyebrows restored to an alert, youthful position!
There’ll be some recovery time, with initial healing lasting up to 14 days, and we’ll advise you not to do exercise during this time. But, as with all Aesthetics of Essex procedures, you’ll be in good hands, and during your initial consultation we can talk through with you any concerns you might have.

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