Safety first

Safe in our hands

Whether it’s a relatively simple anti-ageing treatment or more radical cosmetic surgery, the one thing we all want to feel during such procedures is safe.

Aesthetics of Essex is your local – Upminster – anti-ageing, laser clinic. We’ve also introduced cosmetic surgery as well as hair transplants.

These can all transform your appearance, giving you the looks you want. Our ethos is all about rejuvenating your appearance to give you that self-confidence boost.

But all this is no good if you don’t feel safe, so it is our priority to make you feel just that, from the moment you step inside the door for the free consultation that we encourage you to have, right through to the recovery period, when we will reassure you and guide you about what you can expect during this important time.

You can be confident that Aesthetics of Essex experts follow strict procedures to ensure both safe practice and effective results.

You’ll see elsewhere in our website that Dr Linda Fiumara is a Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, and is GMC (General Medical Council) registered. Other team members have achieved their Core of Knowledge in laser safety qualification.

If you look at the Testimonials section of this website, you’ll see the word ‘professional’ mentioned over and over again. This is because we’ve made certain to source only reputable, qualified, experienced doctors, nurses and aesthetic professionals.

But you’ll be under no obligation. We are not a high-pressure, sales-driven organisation. Our team have such expertise that their work – and our customers’ testimonials – speaks for itself. We’ll listen to you and advise you, and if you decide a procedure isn’t for you, you can just walk away.

Meanwhile, if you have any concerns about safety/safeguarding in general, know that there are professional organisations working to ensure that certain providers (including service providers) receive the right training. One such organisation is Safeguarding Strategies Ltd – read all about them here:

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