Romford Recorder article on Laser Hair Removal

Aesthetics of Essex have a weekly post in the Romford Recorder. This is a great opportunity to advertise our treatments to a wider range of people, especially those who may not have encountered our website before.

This particular article promotes laser hair removal treatment. Our innovative procedure utilizes the Soprano machine to administer the hair removal. This gold standard award-winning machine is highly acclaimed, due to its ability to heat hair follicles in a painless way, until they can no longer produce hair. Furthermore the treatment is cheaper than waxing as it only needs to be administered very occasionally. Also, there are no limits regarding the skin type or area to be worked on.

Publishing a brief article on this treatment, as well as our other treatments that are written about, enables the reader to get a flavour of what Aesthetics of Essex are about and thus encouraging potential business. We are therefore fortunate to have a good advertising campaign backing us and helping to spread the Aesthetics of Essex name.

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