Liposuction gets real results

We all know that models on the catwalk don’t look like the rest of us. But perhaps we’re entitled to expect a little bit more realism from the photos in adverts?

Either way, fashion company Net-a-Porter shot itself in the foot recently – albeit in a most amusing way – when a mistake by someone within the organisation let a rather interesting photo into the public domain…

The Net-a-Porter advert was for a pair of women’s socks, being modelled by a female model shown in full body shot shot, wearing a kilt, top and leather jacket as well the socks and some boots. So far, so unremarkable. But the advert also included arrows pointing to various parts of the model’s body and the words ‘Please, slim”…

It’s no secret that in the world of fashion the retouching of photos does happen, but it’s controversial, and no-one wants to broadcast the fact that they do it.

Go to the website via the link below to read the lowdown on this case of a sneaky-but-unsurprising practice:

Incidentally, the socks in the Net-a-Porter advert cost £35. Yes, £35 for a pair of socks! Just think what that could buy you if you spent that money more cleverly and more rewardingly – for instance, at Aesthetics of Essex, it could help you pay for one of our life-enhancing treatments. Treatments that will improve your appearance for real, not just through photo-shopping. Just saying…

So, back in the real world, there’s a much less controversial – and more effective – way of slim-lining your figure – liposuction.

Here at Aesthetics of Essex we use BodyTite, a revolutionary anti-ageing, skin tightening device which produces results similar to – but even better than – traditional liposuction. It uses Radio-Frequency Assisted Liposuction (REAL) energy to generate focused energy into fatty tissue in selected areas of your body. BodyTite minimises post-procedure pain, swelling and discomfort and produces a more attractive body contour. The process achieves both fat reduction and body-firming at the same time!

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