Giving It Some Lip

The late, lamented Pete Burns has been all over the news recently. His sudden death shocked fans, but they were probably used to shocks as they followed his facial transformations through the years – particularly those involving his lips…

So, courtesy of The Sun, here’s how NOT to do ‘bigger lips’… it….

Not much better was the famous ‘Bride of Wildenstein’, someone else with money to burn who didn’t spend it wisely when it came to her looks

But never mind these cautionary tales. You can still achieve plumper, more gorgeous, yet natural-looking lips at Aesthetics of Essex.

As we get older, our looks inevitably change. Vertical wrinkles appear around our mouth as a result of simply talking, laughing and eating – and, of course, for a smoker, the effect will be more pronounced. The natural aging process adds to the perfect storm of a less-than-perfect mouth with collagen production slowing down and our skin drying out more quickly.

Here at Aesthetics of Essex we can help you hold back the hands of time with lip fillers. These can help bring back volume and definition.

And it’s not just about making your lips larger and fuller. You may want a more defined cupid’s bow or to reshape uneven lips, for instance.

Using our expertise, we’ll make sure you don’t end up as a Pete Burns lookalike. You can trust our affordable, anti-aging lip treatments.

At Aesthetics of Essex we use the leading choice for dermal fillers and lip fillers – Juvéderm. This safe, sterile, injectable gel consists of hyaluronic acid, which is a protein naturally found in your skin’s collagen. It is long-lasting and malleable.

You can find more detailed information about how we can transform your appearance through lip enhancement elsewhere on our website.

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