Feet First

Verrucas, verrucae…no matter what you wanna call them, the result is the same. Nasty little warts on the bottom of your feet that cause a dragging, nagging, ongoing pain. Not what you want for the party season! As if you weren’t suffering enough to be beautiful, in your teetering, twinkling, vertiginous heels, you now have to cope with an extra, painful problem.

In themselves, verrucas aren’t serious. They can even go away by themselves – but this can take a long time – up to two years! And that’s more than one ‘party season of pain’…

For the lowdown on those pesky verrucas, click here:

You’ll see – and probably already be aware – that there are numerous ‘over the counter’ treatments, but these inevitably involve messy, smelly potions, and that’s not going to make a girl (or a guy!) feel good.

The really great news is that among the many treatments we offer here at Aesthetics of Essex is one that will zap those verrucas pronto.

One of the tools we have in our impressive range is the CryoPen. This represents in innovation in cryotherapy.

So what is ‘cryotherapy’, you may ask? For more background on this technique from those trusted people at Boots, click here: http://www.webmd.boots.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/guide/cryotherapy

But, briefly, it is a technique using extreme cold to zap cells. It can be used – as we use it at Aesthetics of Essex – to treat a number of different skin conditions. Cryotherapy involves freezing cells quickly then letting them thaw slowly to kill them. It’s sometimes known as cryosurgery or cryoablation.

Using the CryoPen allows our Aesthetics of Essex clinician to work with millimetre-perfect precision. The CryoPen emits a fine, pressurised jet of nitrous oxide, allowing us to treat everything from skin tags and cherry angiomas to warts and verrucas quickly and painlessly.

Come to us to find out how we can put the spring back into your step!!

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