Duck Face

For those of us of a certain – ahem – ‘vintage’, when we hear the phrase ‘Duck Face’ we think of the character of that nickname played by Anna Chancellor in the film “Four Weddings and a Funeral”.

The reason for her nickname has probably got lost in the mists of time as we instead swoon over the memory of Hugh Grant at his (probably) most alluring and his character’s romance with Andie MacDowell’s…

But with the wave of ‘fashion weeks’ that have taken place across the globe (well, in Paris, Milan, New York and even little old London, anyway), the phrase ‘Duck Face’ has come back into prominence again!

For the lowdown on the many new words and phrases involved in the fashion weeks’ jargon, here is an article in the Daily Mail online.

Once you have come to terms with some of the weirder phrases and words (and updated yourself about what they mean – or what they mean now, as some of them have changed in meaning), you will spot ‘D is for…Duck Face’!

Here it is described as ‘the deliberate pouty face to make lips look fuller and cheekbones more prominent during a selfie. Popular with celebrities such as Cheryl Tweedy’.

Well, apart from Cheryl’s surname being somewhat out of date (mind you, full marks to anyone who is keeping up with her many name changes), it’s likely many of us have aimed to create fuller lips and sharper cheekbones while taking a selfie. The problem is that once we’ve stopped pouting, our face goes back to ‘normal’.

So, why not get in touch with us at Aesthetics of Essex to find out what we can do for you in relation to creating the face you want – and not just in photographs? Our experienced and caring professionals will explore with you the sort of subtle-but-effective changes we can make to your facial appearance through various surgeries and treatments.