Cosmetic treatments Locally

Keep local, keep safe

We’ve probably all seen some of the horror stories about people going abroad for cut-price cosmetic surgery. Obviously there have been some good results, but wouldn’t you prefer to keep it local?

You won’t have a long journey home and even though some clients come a long way to see us, it’s not like flying abroad and then back to the UK again in a post-surgery haze.

If you want to bring someone with you to support you afterwards, it’s also cost-effective – your only additional outlay is petrol or public transport costs, set against the expensive hassle of air fares, transfers and confusingly-priced foreign taxis.

Aesthetics of Essex is based conveniently in Upminster. Essentially, we are an anti-ageing, laser clinic but we’ve also introduced cosmetic surgery (and hair transplants). Our surgical and non-surgical procedures aim to rejuvenate your appearance and so boost your self-confidence. Look through this website at your leisure to see what we have to offer and feel free to get in touch with us, even if you haven’t yet made your decision about what treatments/procedures you would like.

We follow strict procedures to achieve a safe practice which will produce effective results. Our doctors, nurses and aesthetic professionals have been carefully hand-picked, so you can feel totally safe in our care.

Of course, it’s not just about convenience. There will be many factors you want to consider and many questions you will probably want to ask us – we are here to listen and to give you our expert, yet objective advice. But if for a general overview of some of the questions you may have in your head, you could do worse than click here to read this Daily Mail article: The Top 20 Cosmetic Surgery Questions

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