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    Let’s Talk About Maskne

    Let’s talk about the problems wearing a face mask can cause to the skin…

    When wearing a mask it can dry out and cause friction on your skin. Bacteria on skin then gets trapped under the dry and dead skin cells causing disrupting our barrier function that in turn causing breakouts and irritations!

    Things Aesthetics of Essex would advise:

    • Keep masks clean or dispose after each use.
    • Clean your skin AM and PM and try to also spritz your skin clean (clarifying toner from GLO is great for this!). You can also wipe the skin clear with ZO Oil Control to mop up any excess bacteria.
    • If your skin is dry, try using a Hydrating spritz (Conditioning Spritz from GLO is great for this!) to keep the skin calm and soothed.
    • Avoid wearing makeup as this causes the pores to clog even more! Let your skin breath.
    • In any downtime apply ice to your breakouts and blemishes.
    • At the end of the day make sure you are giving your skin a good, deep clean and once a week use a clearing mask (ZO Sulphur Mask is your best bet!) to combat breakouts. You should also apply salicylic acid if possible to any breakout of an evening (GLO Renew Serum if what we would recommend).
    • Last but most definitely not least – STOP picking your face.
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