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    Colonic irrigation: helpful or harmful?

    Colonic irrigation.

    It’s a bit of a taboo subject. Not something you’re likely to discuss with your friends at the pub. And, as it isn’t currently offered by the NHS, lots of people are wary about having it done.

    Is it safe? Can it be beneficial? Are there any side effects? As a leading UK provider of colonic hydrotherapy, here we attempt to clear up a little of the confusion and weigh up the pros and cons.


    Colonic irrigation benefits

    Do a quick online search and you’ll find a wide range of reported colonic irrigation benefits. It’s important to point out, these benefits are yet to be supported by empirical scientific evidence. But following a colon cleanse, many patients claim to see improvements in three main areas.

    These include:

    1. Energy levelsdiagram of colon following colonic irrigation

    Over time, poo starts to collect and solidify along the walls of the colon. This makes it much harder for the body to eliminate waste and can drain the body of energy, leaving you feeling tired and sluggish. Colonic irrigation helps to loosen up this solidified faecal matter and returns the colon to ‘normal’ functioning. As such, it is said to help boost overall energy levels.

    2. Digestion

    Billions of beneficial bacteria – known as microflora – live in the colon. These assist with digestion and are responsible for proper nutrient absorption. But they can be negatively affected by many factors, including poor gut health, chronic allergies and the consumption of certain foods.

    Colonic cleansing is said to rebuild depleted microflora levels and, therefore, improve digestion.

    3. Weight

    It’s completely normal for the colon to store faecal matter. However, certain factors (e.g. a low-fibre diet) can lead to increased storage and a thick mucus starts to form on the walls of the colon. By helping to clean and restore the colon to normal function, colon irrigation is believed to speed up the transit of poo, eliminating the build-up of this mucus and freeing up any excess weight.


    massaging stomach during colonic hydrotherapy


    Colonic irrigation disadvantages

    Whilst colonic irrigation is generally safe, like most procedures, it does come with a few risks – and patients have reported a number of side effects. For example, it can sometimes cause:

    • – tummy pain and cramping
    • – bloating
    • – diarrhoea
    • – headache
    • – anal irritation and soreness
    • – dehydration
    • – an electrolyte imbalance
    • – infection

    It’s also possible for the bowel to be perforated. But this is very rare, and in most cases, the side effects are mild – and can be easily managed by taking probiotics and drinking plenty of water.


    woman booking appointment for colonic irrigation


    So, is it the right choice for you?

    Colonic hydrotherapy should be avoided if you’re pregnant and it isn’t recommended for people with certain health conditions, such as anaemia, high blood pressure, haemorrhoids, anal fissures, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, bowel or rectal cancer, kidney disease and liver disease.

    But if you don’t fall into these categories, the best option is to get in touch.

    Here at Aesthetics of Essex, our colonic irrigation treatment is led by a qualified and experienced nurse and colon hydrotherapist. We have exceptional knowledge in this area and we’re always on hand to answer your questions, address your concerns and assist in making your decision.

    Yes, there are some risks. But these can usually be minimised and the benefits of colonic irrigation (although scientifically unproven) have been widely corroborated by patients. So, why not give us a call today on 01708 225555 or send an email to

    Book your free consultation and take the first step towards your first colon detox.

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