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Male Enhancement Surgery Essex

Unknowingly to women, around 45% of men worry their penis size is too small. Many men feel a longer penis would improve their self-esteem and sex life. A man’s concern about his member can lead to avoidance of sexual relationships due to not wanting to be seen naked, or may compare their size to others in public changing facilities and feel embarrassed or inadequate. It also doesn’t help the fact that that men see their own penis from above, giving them an unreliable perception of length and reinforcing false ideas about the size of their penis.

Although there are many claims of ways to make a man’s penis bigger (or thicker) through vacuum devices known as penis pumps, or non-surgical treatments such as herbs, lotions and penis enlargement pills, there’s little evidence to prove that any of these treatments actually work. Unfortunately they may only be a temporary solution.

The good news is that there are ways of making your penis look larger which don’t involve surgery at all, such as trimming thick pubic hair, or losing weight off the abdomen and pubic region. However these methods only make the penis appear larger, they will not increase the actual size.

What is the average penis size?

We need to acknowledge the fact that willies come in a range of sizes; big, long, thick, short, curved – all of which are normal. Whatever their size to begin with, most men’s penises are about five to six inches in length when erect.

Men who are dissatisfied with the appearance, length or girth of their penises should think very carefully about requesting cosmetic surgery, especially if the size falls within the average.

For men with small penis syndrome (or micropenis), phalloplasty may be worth considering. Micropenis is a condition that refers to any penis smaller than two point eight inches in length. Having a micropenis can cause several problems, including difficulty during intercourse, fertility, and urinating.

A willy that “wows”

If you’re worried about the length or girth of your penis and are considering penile enlargement surgery, we’re here to provide you with information on male enlargement surgery.

Penis Surgery is a known cosmetic procedure that can increase the length of the penis to around one point five inches; however the length that can be achieved varies on the penis size, body build, and the amount of post-operative stretching performed.

The surgery is done under general anaesthetic. The most common technique involves cutting the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone before performing a skin graft at the base of the penis for the extra length. It is important to note that the surgery will improve the length of the penis when flaccid, and there will be minimal change to the size of the penis when erect.

The recovery time for this type of cosmetic surgery is one week off work, and any intense physical activity (i.e. gym) and all sexual activity must be avoided for three to four weeks afterwards.

Penile lengthening is real surgery; therefore we offer Penis enlargement consultations at our Upminster clinic with our specialised Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeon – Dr Gary Horn. You will be able to discuss your requirements, the procedure itself, risks, and ask any questions about penile enlargement so that you can make an informed decision in confidence.

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