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All you need to know about Colonic Irrigation

Colonic irrigation has been widely-known throughout history – after all, colon cleansing rituals were all the rage with early African tribes and during Roman and Egyptian times!

And the treatment process has continued to grow in popularity over the years – thanks to the multitude of health benefits colonic irrigation can provide.

Let’s take a look at what health benefits you could enjoy if you have colonic irrigation with the experts here, at Aesthetics of Essex.

Benefits of colonic irrigation

If you are experiencing any kind of health issues, then colonic irrigation can really help. Aimed at invigorating and revitalising the body, this tissue cleansing process prevents the build-up of faeces in the colon and reduces the toxins that can build-up.

If faeces builds-up, it can become solid and attach itself along the walls of the colon. For the body to expel it, it first has to work extra hard to move this waste all the way through the colon – which leaves your body feeling sluggish.

By removing the hardened faeces from your body, you will immediately feel re-energised and your colon will start to work properly again. It can also help to improve your digestion, by promoting the millions of good bacteria that live there.

These microflora are kept healthy by the proper absorption of nutrients that help keep a balanced PH level, whilst also fighting hunger and defending against a range of harmful bacteria. You’ll know when this isn’t the case because you’ll have low energy, abdominal cramping, headaches and irritability. By getting rid of the bad bacteria, the good bacteria will be able to rebuild

Colonic irrigation also aids symptoms of constipation – something we’ve all experienced. Toxins can get backed up and re-absorb into your bloodstream, so you’ll have to deal with bloating, headaches, tiredness and lack of concentration. Not only does colonic irrigation free your colon entirely from waste but also reduces incidences of constipation in the future – as it stimulates natural muscle movement.

Concentration problems can often be linked to poor colon health, as impacted faecal matter and mucus stop the colon from absorbing vitamins and minerals – exactly what your brain needs in order to function at its best.

Colon blockages can stop the nerve signals between the colon and your brain from functioning properly – resulting in brain fog. If you’ve had this condition for a while, it can be frustrating, not to mention annoying, so why not give colonic irrigation a go?

If you’ve being trying to shift the last few stubborn pounds that no amount of exercise seems to be helping, then colonic irrigation could help you. It may surprise you to know that your colon can store up to 10 pounds of faecal matter in each foot of the colon – which is approximately five feet in length.

This is the equivalent of around eight meals – shocking right? Your entire colon could get completely backed up if your digestion is sluggish, if you’re suffering from constipation or if you have been eating a low-fibre diet. Adding a build-up of mucus into the mix, your colon could be the heaviest its ever been.

What happens during colonic irrigation?

All you need to do is lie comfortably on your side and let us do the work. A tube will be inserted into your anus and anywhere between 10 and 30 gallons of warm, sterilized water introduced. The same tube will then see released hardened waste removed from your colon – known as a ‘closed system’ colonic. This means there are no open lines of water and the waste is emptied directly into the sewage system.

It takes approximately 45 minutes for colonic irrigation, following which you may feel the urge to go straight to the toilet, energised or have a bit of a headache – but it’s different for everybody.


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