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    Accentuate Features with a Little Help from your Friends!

    Every aspect of life can take its toll on our skin and face; weight loss, smoking, alcohol and stress are all major contributors. Sometimes we might not have time to take as much care of our skin as we would like to, forgetting vital hydration through moisturising and speeding up the signs of aging…

    Dermal fillers could be the perfect “pick-me-up” that will help you achieve the younger, more refreshed appearance you crave. They can also be used to correct scarring. With fillers, there is no recovery time so you can have a treatment and jump straight back into the commitments of everyday life.

    This non surgical procedure is quick, often taking 30 minutes or less to complete, and popular with both men and women. Dermal fillers help to smooth out deep wrinkles and give your face an overall lift, adding a more youthful look and instantly making features pop without the surgery price-tag!

    At Aesthetics of Essex we use fillers on the lower areas of the face, around the mouth and in the creases from the nose to the mouth, for defining and augment lips, and reducing under-eye circles. The results we achieve are beautiful and noticeable, both immediate and long lasting, yet natural. Treatment is not permanent but can last between 6-8 months – continued treatments will ensure results are sustained.

    Treatment Cost

    – 0.5ml – £185
    – 1.0ml – £295
    – 2.0ml – £550

    Stop the clocks and book your treatment with us today, book any 5 treatments with us, and get your 6th for free*!

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