Worried About Unsightly Hair?

What is laser hair removal?
Laser Hair removal is where a beam will pass directly though the skin to a hair follicle. The heat from this process will harm the hair follicle which will stop growth in the future. The laser from the process targets the colour in the hair pigment, in-effect the darker the hair pigment the easier it is from the laser to destroy it.
How many appointments will be needed?

The usual amount is between 6 – 12 treatments in total, facial hair will need to be done every 4 weeks and 6 – 8 weeks for body hair. Once you come in for an assessment we will be able to give you an exact amount. Once the lasers have hit the follicles they will never grow back. However once you start to age you might become aware that some of places that have been treated might come back with hormonal changes. If that does happen the hairs will be lighter and finer than before because of the damage to the follicle.

The Results

The lasers used will remove about 80% of the hair leaving a massive improvement and great results for the patient. There might still be some patches that need to be shaved but the reduction will be worth it!

Different skin types and hair tones, will this still work?
All different skin types can be treated on with our advanced Laser; This Treatment however does work best with dark hair as there is a bigger pigment to destroy. However fine light hair might be a lot harder to treat as the laser might not pick up the dark pigment.

What hair-removal products can be used between appointments?
After a treatment will take around 2 weeks for the hair to fall out, I would advise that you wait around 2 days before you shave, but try not to shave as much so that the hairs can fall out naturally though the skin. However you will want to avoid using wax, tweezers and threading on any of the hairs as they will remove (temporarily) the targeted follicle.

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