What Does Your Nose Say About You?

The nose may seem like an insignificant feature to some of us, whilst others considering Rhinoplasty may be unhappy with the size or shape of their nose, especially if they feel it is not perfectly proportioned with the rest of the features on their face. This could lead to the individual feeling extremely self-conscious about their appearance, and experience a loss in confidence.

There are methods you could try to take the attention away from a nose that you’re not happy with, such as nose reshaping with the use of makeup. By using highlight and nose contouring techniques, you can make your nose appear smaller, or slimmer. However this is no permanent solution.

If you are truly unhappy with the appearance of your nose, there is a surgical procedure available, known as Rhinoplasty, which can permanently alter the structure of your nose so that it is more visually appealing. Essex ‘Nose jobs’ are becoming increasingly popular, it’s performed for a variety of reasons, including asymmetrical noses, visible bumps on the bridge of the nose, and droopy or enlarged nose tips. Rhinoplasty can give you the nose size and shape you desire. We offer this cosmetic procedure here at Aesthetics of Essex.

What does your nose say about you?

The interesting thing about noses is that the characteristics of your nose (the way your nose dips and twists) can say a lot about your character. The nose you were born with may not necessarily be the wrong nose for you, however the smallest change in reconstructive nose surgery can make all the difference in restoring confidence and improving your look.

For years and years, philosophers believed that your facial features governed an individual’s personality traits, this is known as Physiognomy. Today we have what is known as “Personology” where researchers strongly believe the power of your facial features is the foundation of their characteristic roots.

Nose personality traits
– Large: Whether you have a short or long bridge, people with oversized noses are strong leaders, energetic, and maybe a little materialistic.
– Small: Small nosed people tend to be timid, with kind personalities. However may lack ambition.
– Straight: Referred to as a Greek nose, straight nosed people are logical thinkers, good at keeping their emotions under control, and inspirational to others.
– Upturned: Do you have a protruding tip? This concave nose style reveals a nurturing, supportive personality, someone who is optimistic and seeks adventure.
– Wide (flared): Known as the Nubian nose, this type reveals an expressive, open minded, and curious nature.
Hook-shaped, also known as the Roman nose. People with this type of nose have strong personalities. They are good at decision making, and highly ambitious.
– Long: Long nosed people are ambitious, with great leadership qualities, however may become stressed easily.
– Pointed: A fairly common shape. Those with a pointed nose tend to follow their own path. A powerful, gutsy individual
– Snubbed: A snubbed nose is a flat nose with a rounded appearance and short bridge (like Wayne Rooney). These types of noses suggest an immature yet helpful, friendly nature.
What are your thoughts on this theory? Whether it is true or not, it is always interesting to learn more about yourself, especially when your genetics supposedly reveal traits in personality!

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