Waxing 101

From blonde-fuzz to long, dark, or coarse growth, women have been battling with excess hair and hair removal for centuries. Hair growth is normal, although for areas such as legs, underarms, or the bikini area on women; and other common places such as the upper lip, chin, back and toes are sometimes undesirable. What better way to deal with unwanted hair than to remove it?

Even though technology has improved significantly over time, it doesn’t mean that these modern hair removal techniques are any better than ancient ones. Let’s take a look at the traditional methods of hair removal and their effectiveness…

Method No. 1: Shaving

Shaving is the process of removing hair with a sharp razor to cut the hair off at the skin’s surface. This method of hair removal can be used on virtually any body part, and is often the go-to method for those who like the feel of a close shave.

Shaving works best if you have light or fine hair and a sharp blade can make the world of difference when it comes to shave quality and potential discomfort. This method is the most inexpensive way to get rid of unwanted hair and is effective for short-term hair removal.

Shaving may get rid of hair, but will only keep hair away for a few days. Hair reappears faster than it would with other methods. We do not recommend shaving as a first choice hair removal system for those with very dark body hair, because the hair root is still visible just below the skin even after a close shave.

With shaving, you are also more susceptible to cuts and razor burn because you’re working with a blade, and ingrown hairs due to the hair root not being removed – especially in the pubic region!

However, if you need a quick fix for getting rid of body hair, shaving will do the trick.

Looking for a lasting method of hair removal? Why not take a look at the hair removal treatments we offer, one more traditional, and the other high tech!

Method No. 2: Waxing

Waxing is one of the two most common methods of hair removal. This method works well for those with dark or coarse hair on areas such as legs or the bikini line.

The procedure entails putting warm wax over an area of unwanted hair – in the same direction it is grows – applying a wax grip or shrink-wrap over the wax, and then removing it in the opposite direction to remove the hair follicle.

With frequent waxing you can expect your hair re-growth to slow down because you are removing each hair directly by the follicle, damaging the root. Typically with each treatment, you will be hair-free for about two to eight weeks depending on the texture of your hair and your hair growth cycle. Another benefit of waxing? Your skin won’t be left full of nicks and cuts, unlike the occasional aftermath of shaving!

Waxing can be relatively inexpensive depending on whether you choose to go to a professional or attempt it at home. Our prices start from £5.50 depending on the size of the area being treated. We can assure you of a more comfortable, pain free session than potentially experienced with home kits, along with professional results and smoother, hair-free skin.

View our testimonials page to read about previous clients experiences.

Method No. 3: Laser/Pulsed Light

One of the more popular ways to remove hair is via laser or pulsed light as it’s the most lasting form of hair removal. The treatment involves an intense pulse of heat energy being fired through the hair shaft and down to the follicle, where it destroys the hair’s root. This weakens the hair and damages the root – causing it to fall out and slows hair growth, leaving a silky smooth finish for longer than shaving or waxing.

With our Soprano XL Hair Removal Laser it is possible to treat any part of the body, whether the area is small or larger, at one time easily and comfortably and is suitable for all hair types. However the best candidates are women with dark hair and light skin as this type of hair is more noticeable. Unfortunately, lasers are less effective on white or silver hair, this type of hair usually responds best to electrolysis.

The cost varies from as little as £35 (to £175) – depending on the size of the area being treated – and you receive 25% OFF your first treatment plus a FREE consultation with us! 3 to 5 sessions is recommended, with a touch-up about once a year thereafter for best results, depending on your hair growth cycle (which we can advise you on).

Contact us to make a booking or pop in and see us for more information and offers!

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