Thread Veins


It happens to most of us as we get a bit older – the dreaded thread veins.

Although they aren’t harmful, it’s frustrating to see them anywhere, worst of all on our faces. And particularly annoying if people think it’s because we’ve been hitting the Pino Grigio too hard!

Because, of course, thread veins – tiny blood vessels close to the skin’s surface, which look like very thin red/purple lines – can be caused by all sorts of factors. These include age, hormonal changes, excess sunbathing, or, yes, sometimes too much booze!
They’re more common in women and by the time they’re in their twenties, one in five will have them – along with half of all women by the age of 40 and 70 per cent of women over 70.

Whatever the reason, thread veins – or ‘telangiectasia’ – are not a pretty sight. Read up on thread veins by clicking on this Daily Mail link:
All You Need To Know About Thread Veins

But what you also need to know is that our award-winning clinic, Aesthetics of Essex, in Upminster, is here to help. We use ThermaVein technology, a safe treatment that will permanently get rid of thread veins

, as well as spider veins and certain other skin conditions. It is suitable for veins on the face as well as, for example, skin tags and age spots on other parts of the body.

ThermaVein has been recommended by Dr Hilary Jones, a medic who has been a familiar face on TV. A tiny probe – no bigger than a human hair – is rested above the vein to close it together, then a brief ‘pulse’ is delivered to seal the vein. This ‘pulsing’ process is then repeated along the length of the vein until it’s permanently closed. The whole procedure takes only a few minutes and most people experience no discomfort.

Dr John Cotterill, who is a consultant dermatologist and medical Director of Lasercare Clinics, recommends: ‘Smaller thread veins are easy to treat. Later on they can be more difficult. Younger women could save themselves a great deal of time, trouble and expense if they opted for early treatment.’

So visit Aesthetics of Essex in Upminster and see what we can do to help you banish those pesky thread veins once and for all!

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