The Treatment of Thread Veins

The various treatments for thread veins (also varicose and spider veins) are becoming increasingly popular in aesthetic clinics across the UK, especially here at Aesthetics of Essex. Thread veins are most commonly found in the leg, but can also be found in other parts of the body, such as the face, which gives a ruddy, permanently flushed appearance to the cheeks.

There have been a number of theories given to why there has been a rise in demand for treatments. Thread, varicose or spider veins, are not generally considered to be the result of poor health, nor are they have thought to have a significantly negative impact on your health. This has led some to simply refer to aesthetic concerns being the driving force – especially when demand for treatments increase in the lead up to summer, as we prepare for some good weather! But these are concerns expressed by some who come in for treatment about aching sensations felt in the legs, particularly after a period of prolonged standing, or else, some have experienced inching or swelling in the affected areas. Others have claimed that treatments are becoming more popular due to people becoming more aware that the procedure is non-surgical and virtually pain-free.

Whatever the reason for the rising demand for treatment, we at Aesthetics of Essex are here for you.

We offer two procedures for the removal of these veins from the surface of your skin:

Thread Vein and Skin Pigmentation Treatment
This procedure is relatively quick, only twenty minutes per session, recommended for three to four sessions. We treat the veins by exposing the affected area to short light pulses that raise the temperature of the skin, resulting in the collapse and breakdown of the cells of the veins that are visible.
Sclerotherapy is generally the preferred treatment for thread veins in the leg. This is most probably because it has been in development for over 150 years, and thankfully, has improved significantly with time! The procedure is quick and simple, and recovery time is virtually non-existent. Our highly experienced specialist therapists inject a sclerosing agent at into the visible veins, which irritates them, and causes the vein walls to collapse and fade. The only comments about pain relate to a slight scratching sensation felt when the needle is first inserted.


Interested in Sclerotherapy, and our thread vein removal treatment? Contact us to make a booking.

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