The Surgical Solution for a Straighter and Smaller Nose

Nose jobs allow those of us that wish to correct oversized or slightly bent bridges to create facial harmony and balance.

A nose job (known as nose reshaping and professionally termed rhinoplasty) is a cosmetic surgery procedure that reshapes the nose to give a natural looking result. It’s a surgical practice that requires a delicate balance between the size, shape, contours and definition of the nasal bridge and tip.

Millimetres make the difference between a natural looking result and one that has the trademarks of surgery!

When you are considering a nose job or a cosmetic surgery procedure, it is very important you know what you want your results to look like.

And, you need to know about the risks involved, results achieveable and the after care required. Here’s 9 Things You Should Know Before a Rhinoplasty…

Your surgeon can recommend and confirm achievable results, but to be able to give you the nose of your dreams, they may need to see an example!

Many surgeons have portfolios of previously performed nose jobs which can be viewed during the initial consultation.

Our noses are key to facial harmony and balance and sit in the very center of the face. Knowing exactly what you are hoping to achieve will help your surgeon to advise whether or not the results are achievable.

Did you know your nose shape can determine your personality?

Different Nose Types

To help you identify your own nose and get inspiration for your nose job, we have prepared a list of different nose types:

The Roman Nose – this is considered as one of the most attractive kinds of nose among both men and women. It is straight, and ends with a soft curvy tip

The Snub Nose – this is small and button-like, with a slight widening that gives it an adorable look.

The Celestial Nose – this is a pretty nose, with a subtle upturned tip. This nose is quite an angelic feature.

The Redknapp Nose – this is large, but not the kind that attracts unwanted attention. It is sturdy and just the right size to complete a strong-featured face.

The Rumpole Nose – this is imposing and quite large.

The Hawk Nose – this is a beak-like nose which is slightly curvy towards the end.

The Mirren Nose – this is a pointed nose that is usually long and straight.

The Lenin Nose – this is a broad nose, which can also look like an inverted triangle, with flared nostrils.

The Nixon Nose – this nose has a straight bridge, a curvy edge and wide nostrils.

The Fleshy Nose – this is a large nose, which may look bulky.

The Tara Nose – this is a rare nose, it may look uneven at first sight. The bumpiness of the nose’s contours is what makes it a unique feature.

The Greek Nose – this nose is at the top of the list as the most beautiful of noses. It is a powerful feature that complements the rest of the face.

The Duchess Nose – this nose is a striking feature that sets off a kind of aural beauty. It is straight-edged.

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