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Having paid a fortune for tattoo laser removal at a Harley Street Clinic (which subsequently did a bunk with my money) I had decided to give up the thought of being rid of a few tattoos I no longer liked. I had had six treatments and only had a minimal amount of fade, no line break up at all. A family member stupidly got a silly tattoo which was regretted immediately so went to aesthetics of Essex for treatment as the reviews I had read were first class. After one session his tattoo is almost gone and it has given me faith that my tattoo can be removed. (I was previously told by the Harley Street clinic that Picosure could not remove red ink which I now know from here is incorrect).

The clinic warm, clean and the staff are so lovely and welcoming, not to mention knowledgeable. I was so impressed that I have booked in for a consultation for a line removal treatment and will foresee me being a regular here.

Wish I had started my tattoo removal here years ago!


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