Terrible Tattoos and What To Do

February contains a significant date for so many of us: casually known as ‘V Day’, but more romantically by its full name of ‘Valentine’s Day’, it offers so many possibilities.

Even if you’ve chosen to celebrate it with a romantic meal, a relaxing ‘spa day for two’ or a fun trip out together, there can surely be no more appropriate way to mark it than by popping the question?

We’ve all read about the many unusual ways people have chosen to propose to their loved one and how these proposals have often gone just a little bit wrong. Here, in this link to the Mail Online, you can entertain yourself by reading about a few of the ‘misfires’…

They include misspelt ‘rose petal words’, words of love hung up in the wrong order and a misinterpreted icing message on a cake. They also show one ardent young lover with a proposal tattooed onto his back. Now, never mind how much that might have cost, and the fact that it doesn’t look very attractive (and what if his ‘intended’ said ‘no’, or what if she said ‘yes’ but the marriage ultimately failed??). How on earth would this young chap have his tattoo removed if he needed to?

Conventional tattoo removal methods can be painful, time-consuming and not always successful. But at Aesthetics of Essex we’ve been using the fantastic PicoSure machine to successfully remove tattoos for years.

PicoSure can remove any colour of tattoo ink – including the tricky red ink which, when other methods are used, usually just fades instead of disappearing. PicoSure can often remove a tattoo in no more than 6 treatments – other methods can take up to 15 sessions. And because Aesthetics of Essex strives for customer satisfaction, if your tattoo removal takes more than 6 treatments, we won’t charge for the extra treatments.

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