It’s not exactly news that social media has caused a spike in the number of people seeking facial (and other types of) surgery to look good.

The pressures of trying to look their best on social media such as Facebook – not to mention dating apps – have resulted in people looking for ways to outshine their contemporaries.
And it’s no surprise that it’s the famous faces, including those of film stars, sports stars and royalty, that we seek to emulate.
But there could be a ‘science-y’ aspect to all this. In the link below, from news website, you can read all about why these familiar faces are seen as attractive. It’s all in the shape.

For instance, Transformers star Megan Fox’s look isn’t just sought after because of her high cheekbones, slim face and narrow jawline and chin but because, according to a cosmetic surgeon Dr Julian De Silva, it is a perfect diamond shape.

Dr De Silva, from the Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Hammersmith, said people also see how their appearance changes when they use a picture filter and seek to replicate a certain look using surgery.

Also top of the pops when it comes to faces are our own Duchess of Cambridge and David Beckham. In fact men desire the strong jawlines of David Beckham as well as male model David Gandy.
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Here at Aesthetics of Essex, we’re not claiming we can turn you into a film star or into a royal princess overnight – or at all! – and we know that it’s a serious decision to undergo cosmetic surgery. But we offer a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures – including face lifts, neck lifts and eyebag surgery – to help correct something you might not like or to simply make the most of what you’ve got.

We offer you a no-obligation, free consultation so you can ask any questions you might have and our staff are here to guide you, always ready to offer an understanding ear.

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