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For some of us, a healthy diet and daily skin care routine is simply not enough when it comes to ways of improving our skin complexion. Large pours, blackheads and sun spots are common skin problems that affect our self confidence, hormonal acne from puberty could potentially leave acne scars, and let’s face it, facial wrinkles are inevitable.

But what if we told you there is a skin rejuvenation treatment out there that can more-or-less reverse the signs of ageing, and tackle all of the above skin conditions*?

Rejuvenating Skin Treatments in Essex

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Dermarolling (also known as skin rolling or micro-needling) is a popular cosmetic treatment that’s used for skin rejuvenation, and as an anti-aging treatment for fine lines and wrinkles.

The Dermaroller is a hand-held tool containing hundreds of micro needles that puncture the top layer of the skin to create micro injuries; inducing a skin repair response, stimulating collagen regeneration.

“Is Micro-needling painful?”
Some clients experience more of a discomfort than pain, however it really does depend on the individual and on what size dermaroller is being used. The length of the needles are designed to penetrate only the top layers of the skin – deep enough to be effective, yet not deep enough to affect nerves or cause substantial pain.

Benefits of Skin Needling
– Reduce aging by replacing lost collagen
– Reduces wrinkles
– Achieve clearer skin (treats blackheads and refines pores)
– Treats acne scarring and pitted scars
– Improves skin laxity

An alternative treatment to the Dermaroller are our Essex Dermal Fillers. Dermal Filler wrinkle injections are recommended for treating deep facial wrinkles and mouth lines to achieve a younger appearance. However, regular ‘top-up’ fillers are required to maintain the look.

*Dermarolling maintenance is necessary. Frequent sessions are required in order to stimulate collagen production, and to keep your skin clear and looking youthful.

Most Desired Female Features

A prominent collarbone is among the top five most desirable body parts for woman in 2015. Forget the face and hands; one of the killer signs of aging for any woman is her chest.

The face, neck, shoulders and décolletage are the most common areas to show ageing due to sun exposure, and of course the natural ageing process. Tanned skin is in fact sun damaged skin (from UV light). Frequent sun exposure damages certain fibres in the skin that gives it elasticity, without these fibres, the skin starts to sag and wrinkles start to form. Sun spots may also appear.

As women pass the age of 40, the aging process is already in full swing; skin becomes thinner, drier, age spots may also form. The last thing us ladies want is a wrinkled old décolletage reflecting our real age!

Anti-ageing needling treatments are effective in improving skin laxity on the face, neck and body. Dermaroller results can help you achieve a clearer complexion, plumper looking skin, and fade wrinkles. They’re also recommended for treating acne scars (although a series of sessions may be required) and sun spots. Sadly, our skin will never be as perfect as when we were young, but we can help you look and feel confident in your skin with our range of skin care treatments.

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