Miracle Make-Up

If you desire an enhanced natural beauty, have been searching for a look that’s effortless and want to save time and money, then semi-permanent make up is perfect for you.

Many of us women feel uncomfortable with the way we look without make up and hate leaving the house without it. With semi-permanent make up, we guarantee you will look and feel beautiful bare-faced as the treatment gives the appearance of professionally applied make up every day. You will look great from the moment you wake up and never have to worry about smudging or re-applying your make up. The long-lasting results are so impressive that no-one will know it is semi-permanent unless you tell them.
What is semi-permanent make-up?
Semi-Permanent make up is the name for Micro Pigmentation. It may also be known as cosmetic tattooing, and consists of coloured pigments being implanted into the facial area. The treatment process is gentler and less intimidating than having a tattoo, and more in kind with a beauty treatment. Semi-permanent make up or micro pigmentation is a very specialised procedure and should only be carried out by highly trained professionals. Read more about the procedure here. Our semi-permanent make up specialist, Joanna Twyman, is a qualified advanced make up specialist that has worked with many celebrities including Katie Piper and Shola Ama.

Semi-permanent make up can be used to define eyebrows, and imitate eye and lip liner. As eyebrows play a vital role in framing and balancing the face, a well shaped, symmetrical brow is absolutely necessary. We have all experienced a bad brow day and dread the day of it happening again! This treatment is perfect for achieving natural fullness and definition to the eyebrows, lifting and emphasise the eye area and making your appearance appear more youthful.

Semi-permanent make up for the eyes and lips is an effective, long lasting alternative to mascara, eyeliner and lip liner. Receiving the treatment in the eye area helps draw attention to your eyes, make them appear bigger and more alluring with none of the effort mascara and eyeliner require. Eyelashes look thicker and more defined as your lash line is enhanced, and you won’t have to worry about smudging, running, wearing off or taking it off before bed. Semi-permanent make up is suitable for everyone, but ideal for people with sensitive eyes that find it uncomfortable wearing mascara and eyeliner.

Having the treatment in the lip area, will make your lips seem fuller and more attractive as our advanced techniques can correct the shape of your lips, add definition and minimise the appearance of lines. Semi-permanent make up treatment on your lips also means your lip colour won’t fade no matter how many cocktails you have on a night out! This treatment will help you achieve luscious defined lips with soft rosy colour tones. Get the lips you’ve dreamt of or restore the youthful lips you remember.

Contact us to book a free consultation with Joanna Twyman, our specialist make up nurse or to receive more information about our semi-permanent make up treatment.

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