It’s a ‘pore’ show if your skin’s not right!

What is it that makes you think you need some sort of facial treatment? For many of us, we’d probably say ‘wrinkles’. It’s no secret that social media has got us all comparing (often unfavourably) our looks with those of our friends and of famous people, and we’re not shy about commenting on someone else’s wrinkly complexion.

And even if we’re just popping into a supermarket to buy some potatoes, the bigger stores usually have a cosmetics section, where we’re faced with an array of anti-ageing products, many claiming to work miracles on wrinkles.

But what if wrinkles aren’t the bogeyman? What if it’s all about the pores? Read writer Marianne Powers’ tale of woe in this article from the Daily Mail ‘Femail’ section.

In this piece, aesthetician Dr Leah Totton says that many women complain about their pores looking more obvious as they get older. She says that pore size is mostly determined by genetics but that they are likely to be bigger if you have oily skin. Then she recommends various solutions to problem pores, including microdermabrasion, which we offer at Aesthetics of Essex.

Microdermabrasion is a great treatment for all sorts of skin problems, not just pores. It can also help treat blackheads, whiteheads, sun-damage, superficial age spots, and skin that is oily or patchy.

At Aesthetics of Essex we treat our clients as individuals, which is why we advise everyone to have a consultation with one of our expert skincare specialists. They will assess your skin and give you the best possible advice about the health and condition of your skin.

Our microdermabrasion treatments can give your face a fresh, new feel and, happily, there is no ‘downtime’ after microdermabrasion treatment – you can even go straight back to work afterwards!

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