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Can’t get enough of us? Visit our pages and give us a like or follow to keep yourselves up to date with the very latest news and behind-the-scenes action at our salon in Upminster, Essex.

Social Media gives us a great opportunity to spread the word about our amazing services and reach people from many areas. We like to broadcast videos about our treatment procedures so that you can see for yourself how each step is carried out – giving you a greater understanding of the processes and confidence in your upcoming treatment! These are also available to watch on our YouTube Channel.

Before and after pictures can also be viewed on both our Social channels so that you can compare results achieved by the latest tools and technology that we use, from Laser Tattoo Removal to NIR Skin Tightening! See for your self how effective our treatments can be.

What better way to voice your opinions and experiences with us? Share this information with friends and others. Don’t be afraid to communicate with us directly if you have any concerns or questions, just send us a public tweet or private message and we will be happy to respond.

We will keep you in the know about important dates, events, special offers, website updates and available appointments to see our specialist nurse, surgeon and dentist. Read more information about them here.

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