Grey is the new….grey!

There was so nearly a female American President, but following the Trump triumph/shock (delete as appropriate) we’ll now have to look to our Prime Minister, Theresa May, as an example of a woman who has risen to one of the highest offices.

And for many people, this will also include dissecting her ‘look’. Her changing wardrobe, not to mention those iconic leopard print kitten heels, have already been pored over so let’s now look at her hair.

She’s just one of many fashion-forward women who are rocking the grey look – see ‘real women’ try out the PM’s colour and the style in this Daily Mail piece:

And there’s more to grey than Theresa May! Take a look at this inspirational website, Bellatory, which showcases various different styles and lengths:

But, of course, there’s another option: a stylish grey wig. At Wig Works we stock an amazing selection of products, including a number of sleek, grey wigs – especially from the dependable-yet-exciting Trendco brand.

Of course, many women trying to hold back the years are anxious when they see a grey hair or two and immediately panic and reach for the dye. But it’s time to bring OUT the grey, to rehabilitate it and see how it can work for you.

So, what’s great about grey?

It’s genuinely pretty ageless. Some people go grey very young, for others it’s not till they’re drawing a pension.

It works with most skin-tones. It can be striking against a dark/ethnic skin tone but is also suitably gentle against – and complements – an English rose.

It’s easy to dress/accessorise – find a colour that doesn’t complement it!

So, come and see what grey gorgeousness Wig Works has to offer. A grey wig is a great way of achieving a contemporary look for day-to-day wear or for making an occasional fashion statement.

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