A fresh look for a vegan face

Have you got ‘vegan face’. Yes, it’s a ‘thing’. But here at Aesthetics of Essex, we can help you out.

With more people turning vegetarian or vegan for health or moral reasons, some are starting to report unwanted side effects. And we’re not just talking about in the nether regions (‘gas’…), either!

A feature in the Evening Standard newspaper explained how dermatologists are finding more people presenting with so called ‘vegan face’. This is when vegans end up with slack, wasted, dry, flaky, sallow skin. Not a pretty picture!

This is not to say that all vegans get to look like wizened old crones, but apparently this change in skin appearance and, to a degree, structure, does occur in many vegans. This is because cutting out all animal products leaves people lacking in protein. If your body doesn’t get the protein it needs your skin can respond by becoming crepey and lacklustre.

If you’re happy being vegan but know that you need to improve the appearance of your skin, Aesthetics of Essex can help. We offer a full range of skin and aesthetic treatments for both men and women. Our qualified and sympathetic staff will advise you if you are unsure about which treatments would be best for you.

Whether it’s one treatment or a series of treatments you need, you’ll receive a safe and effective service from Aesthetics of Essex.

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