Do you Regret your Tattoo?

Why do people Regret tattoos

In the modern age tattoos are increasing in popularity, Most of these are beautiful pieces of art work. Although there are excepts where the tattoo hasn’t come out as planned, these are some factors that go into regrettable tattoos. Most professional shops will make you sign a release form before getting a tattoo to make sure you’re in good health and not under the influence of Alcohol. However there are still some shops that don’t take this into consideration and home tattoos have become increasingly popular over the recent decade. Alcohol thins the blood increasing the amount of blood that comes out during procedure, in turn this will push more of the ink out of layers of skin, and the artist will then have to go over certain areas that it hasn’t stayed in causing scarring, blurring and blotchy lines.

Other factors for bad tattoos include:

– Reaction to the Ink used
– Poor Aftercare
– Application done wrong

More vibrancy after first treatment

Once you have had your first treatment you might notice that your tattoo stands out more than before (especially if there is colour) there is no need to be worried, your tattoo won’t get darker, and this is a normal part of the process.

What it does mean is you’re well on your way to having it removed.

Good circulation

Having a good blood circulation is a key factor into the fading process, the further the tattoo is from the heart the longer it will take to fade because there will be less circulation within that area of the body.

A good few steps to help the removal and increase the circulation is to:

– Drink a lot of water
– Exercise for at least half-hour each day
– Massage the tattoo removed area with ointment; this will increase the blood flow to the area.

How the treatment is done

The treatment is done using a series of lasers through an extended time period to continuously weaken the ink that is on dermis (inner) layer of the skin. This will fade the tattoo away to the point that there is nothing there anymore.

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