Cosmetic Surgery is mainly used to change a person’s appearance to achieve what they perceive to be a more desirable look. However in certain situations cosmetic surgery may be needed for functional reason, such as breast reduction to alleviate back or neck pain. Here at Aesthetics we offer cosmetic surgery for the face and body, from breast implants and tummy tucks, to facelifts or even liposuction!

Our priority is your safety and wellbeing. That’s why we offer free consultations with all treatments and surgeries at our clinic. Consultations allow us to discuss your aims, expected outcomes and downtime and provide you with all the information you need before your treatment.

You will always receive an honest opinion from our team to ensure that you are confident in the decision you are making and that you are receiving the surgery best suited to you. Consultations and surgery are carried out by our highly experienced team of nurses and qualified surgeon Navid Jallali.

At Aesthetics of Essex, we offer various cosmetic surgery treatments for the face and body, to enable you to move forward in your life with confidence.

The surgeons on our team are experienced and classified doctors. Their knowledge of cosmetic procedures will provide you with an insight into the results that can be achieved by cosmetic surgery.

The surgical procedures available focus on improving the appearance of the body, rather than its function – with practices ranging from breast enhancement, to face and body contouring treatments such as face lifts and tummy tucks.

Free Consultations

Make the most of our doctors expertise and talk to them about the concerns you have with your body.

Because we take patient safety extremely seriously, we offer free cosmetic surgery consultations (as well as treatments consultations) to ensure you are comfortable and confident in your decision to undertake surgery. Our primary aim is to ensure that you are fully informed before deciding whether surgery is the right choice for you.

During your initial consultation, Mr Fallahdar will counsel you and give an honest opinion regarding the implications, complications and limitations of your proposed surgery. You will also be carefully assessed to ascertain your fitness for surgery. Should you wish, you will have the opportunity to discuss your operation and recovery at a second consultation. After surgery, you will be contacted by us for a review.

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is a serious step. We understand. Whether you have been thinking about it for years or are looking for advice before booking your cosmetic surgery, our staff are here to guide you through the process; no pressure, just experience, expertise and an understanding ear.

Whatever the reason is behind your decision and whichever surgery you are considering, we strive to provide the best quality of care attainable and produce natural-looking results. With our dedicated team, you can achieve the look you desire and restore your self-confidence.

Mr. Davood Fallahdar MD Surg (Hons), ChirPlast (Hons), MicroSurg (Hons), ORL H&NSurg, FRCS (Eng)

Mr Davood Fallahdar is a fully accredited Consultant Plastic Surgeon with one of the most respected practices in plastic surgery London has to offer.

Also specialising in Aesthetic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery and skin cancer, Mr Fallahdar is dedicated to remaining at the cutting edge of his field and updating knowledge and skills of the highest standards, regularly attending renowned national and international Plastic Surgery meetings and courses. This website provides an insight into his professional background, his practice ethos, and the wide range of services his clinic offers, whether clients require a surgical or non-surgical procedure. Mr Fallahdar provides a friendly, supportive and personal service whilst delivering the highest standards of surgical care.

He is committed to the provision of safe, meticulous surgical technique, and the highest quality of care in order to achieve the best outcomes.

Dedicated to remaining at the leading edge of his field and updating knowledge and skills of the highest standards, he regularly attends renowned national and international Plastic Surgery meetings and courses.

– BAAPS, British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons
– BAPRAS, British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons
– ASAPS, The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
– FRCS (Eng.), ad eundem Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons
– SICPRE, Italian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

Aftercare Information

Aftercare is paramount at Aesthetics of Essex and we strive to give the best we can.

Directly After Surgery
After seeing their surgeon and being signed off, patients are discharged from the private cosmetic hospital with 24 hour emergency medical contact information, antibiotics for infection prevention and pain relief for any potential aches and pains.

Post OP Call
We will follow up with a post operative call to make sure surgery went well, see how the patient is feeling and to see if there is anything we can help with or answer any questions they may have.

Follow-up Appointments
We advise the patient comes in for the following appointments as part of our aftercare policy:

  • 7 and 14 day wound check with the nurse.
  • 6 week, 3 month, 6 Month, 1 year review with the Surgeon.

We have an “open door policy” at Aesthetics of Essex. This means that the patient is welcome to contact or visit the clinic whenever they wish to after surgery with any problems or concerns they have; the patient is always looked after by us and is never discharged from our care.

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Booking Dates

July 17th 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during my consultation?
During the consultation, your medical health will be discussed and the surgeon will let you know what to expect, inform you of the procedure and any information you need to know whilst giving your his honest expert opinion.
In most cases, this will be followed by an examination, during this, you are encouraged to discuss your requirements and raise any concerns you may have.
You can then take the time to give full consideration to the surgery. Remember, we are here to support you and help you make the right choice for you!

Will I feel a lot of pain after surgery?
This depends on the individual. Most of our cosmetic procedures require a local or general anaesthesia for your comfort and to keep pain at a minimum during the recovery period.
You may also be required to spend a night or two in hospital so we can keep a close eye on you and your progress.
We have an open door policy when it comes to aftercare at Aesthetics of Essex. This means patients are welcome to contact or visit the clinic whenever they wish after surgery with any problems or concerns they have; the patient is always looked after by us and is never discharged from our care.

How long will my recovery time take?
We recommend allowing a minimum of 3 – 7 days recovery time for majority of our face surgeries, 1 – 2 weeks recovery time for breast surgery, and 2 – 3 weeks for any other surgical procedure.
However this may vary on the type of surgery you are having and the individual, therefore it is important that you follow any advice given by us, your GP and our specialist surgeons.

I have had the surgery and have a few questions or concerns, what should I do?
No matter how small the issue or how silly it may sound, please do get in contact with us if you have any enquiries or concerns.
We want to make sure you are fully informed and confident with the surgery, the results and your recovery. Our main focus is your health and well being so don’t be discouraged from getting in contact!
Alternatively, we would love to hear about you and your experience with us, so feel free to leave a testimonial!