Changing lives with reconstructive surgery

When people think of cosmetic surgery they mainly think of celebs aiming to look their absolute best. However, cosmetic surgery is not just about achieving your ‘ideal’ look, for some, cosmetic surgery offers a new outlook on life and a burst of confidence.

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, this rate continues to increase amongst women and is feared by everyone. The process of treating breast cancer is long and painful, as well as being physically and mentally draining. Although the rate of being diagnosed has increased, medical science is constantly improving and there is an increase in women beating this disease!

One of the methods of treatment offered is a lumpectomy (a surgery in which the part of the breast containing cancer is removed) or a mastectomy (the surgeon removes the breast tissue, including skin and the nipple). Either of these treatments may leave women feeling less feminine or less confident in their body. Luckily enough, the NHS offers reconstructive surgery, where the breast is reconstructed to create a breast shape that looks as natural as possible and matches the remaining breast. The new breast can be created using an implant or your own tissue from another part of your body (eg tummy). This form of reconstructive surgery gives brave women the chance to feel beautiful and feminine as well as helping to transition women back into a normal, cancer free life.


One of the latest cosmetic treatments offered is Otoplasty /Pinnaplasty (ear correction surgery. Ostoplasty is cosmetic surgery to alter the size or shape of ears, or pin them back if they stick out significantly. Although this treatment is mainly carried out amongst children and teenagers, adults may have it done also. Many people opt for this surgery due to insecurities surrounding their ears, many children and teens are bullied in school due to their appearance, children / teens with ears that are larger or stick out are often targeted.  


For most people, Ostoplasty allows people to feel confident and comfortable in their appearance and find themselves less likely to be targeted for their appearance in schools. The NHS does not usually offer this treatment however, it is sometimes offered in rare cases where a person’s ears are causing them significant psychological distress or discomfort. Most cosmetic surgery clinics offer this treatment and Ostioplasty has allowed people to feel more confident about their appearance.


Cosmetic breast reduction is a form of breast surgery for women who wish to make their breasts smaller, less heavy and more lifted. Large breasts can cause a lot of distress for women and may cause physical symptoms such as backache and aching pains. Women who suffer from physical symptoms tend to opt for a breast reduction in order to treat the pain, this surgery is offered on the NHS if you are physically suffering (if you’re considering breast reduction to change your appearance you will need to pay privately).


Breast reduction surgery is carried out under a general anaesthetic and usually involves:

  • Moving your nipple into it’s a new position
  • Removing any excess fat, skin and glandular tissue
  • Reshaping the remaining tissue

For women suffering with physical symptoms from large and heavy breasts, breast reduction surgery is the best option to ensure you no longer suffer with any pain from your breasts.


Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) is an operation to change the shape or size of your nose.

Female face before and after cosmetic nose surgery isolated on white

The NHS does not usually provide Rhinoplasty unless your breathing is affected or you may be feeling pain and discomfort. For people that may have broken their nose a while ago and it hasn’t healed properly this is a great option to eliminate any discomfort you may be feeling. Although nose reshaping or ‘nose jobs’ are a great option for people who are insecure about their nose it is not offered on the NHS. For people suffering with discomfort and pain, Rhinoplasty is the best option.