Are allergies getting the better of you?

Can massage therapy help with allergies that come with spring?

As summer begins the UK will become a hotter place and flowers start to bloom, The battle for people suffering with allergies begins, with itchy eyes, nasal congestion and sinus pain, this is just the beginning of issues that will be effecting people in the spring and summer months. If you do suffer from some sort of pollen allergy then you will be looking for new or better ways to keep the symptoms at bay. Try something new this year with adding massage therapy into your schedule.

Massage therapy and how it aids allergies

Your first thought is probably how the two are connected. Massage therapy will not stop the allergic reaction that you will have to allergens; however it can modify or squash the symptoms. The usual health benefits that are normally associated massage therapy such as stress relief, enhanced circulation and improved immunity can help you tolerance to allergy symptoms.

A good way to reduce allergies is to undertake regular Massage Therapy, this is especially important during peak seasons as this can reduce stress levels, improve your circulation and immune system. While this is an excellent reason to get therapy year round, the benefits of massage therapy can help minimize your body’s reaction to allergens and thus making the spring and summer months more bearable.

Another great benefit for having massage therapy is the relaxation towards allergies and the trigger points that can help relax the tension in your body, and reduce the body’s panic reaction to allergic reactions. It can also relax muscles that are tight from coughing and sneezing, in turn giving you relief from allergy-related pain.

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