Aesthetics of Essex Provide the Best Response to all your Facial Beauty Concerns…

Does your skin look puffy or too loose? Or are you just generally in need of some TLC? Give your skin a boost of life with one of our nourishing facial treatments – no need for harsh chemicals, lasers or surgery. Come and see us for a free consultation where we will analyse your skin and suggest treatments exclusively for you in order to boost, revitalise and build a clearer complexion.

A facial massage a day keeps the wrinkles at bay!

Facial Benefits
– Moisturizes the skin
– Increases circulation
– Decreases signs of aging
– Improves skin tone and texture
– Alleviates redness and sensitivity

Wait till we get our facial on you…

Treatments start from £28 (excluding semi-perm make-up). Our massages instantly boost collagen activity under the skin to increase plumpness, whilst our products help to cleanse and improve tone and texture, to deliver an immediate natural glow with lasting benefits. Results can be seen after your very first session!

By relaxing muscles and connective tissue, massaging the face softens expression-induced lines around your eyes, lips and brows and helps to de-puff and brighten the eye area.

All our products are pharmaceutical graded and contain natural fruit acids and high levels of anti-oxidising ingredients – these help to slow down the ageing process in the skin and stop bacteria and oils from building up. They come in a variety of consistencies, such as oils and lotions, which suit different skin types; Clients with dry skin may benefit from a cream or oil, acne clients may benefit from a gel. None of our products leave heavy residues and our qualified therapists use relaxing facial massaging techniques, teamed with products, to increase blood circulation and stimulate wound-healing responses which give us that healthy glow.

Book 5 consecutive treatments and get your 6th one for free! (can be combined with a relaxing massage)

For further information, call us on 01708 225555 or view our contact details.

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