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Another week, another batch of fresh news from the world of aesthetics!

At Aesthetics of Essex, what caught our eye was the Daily Mail article on the sentencing of beautician Jamie Winter to 150 hours community service. Winter wrongly convinced a group of her clients over an 18 month period that she was trained in injecting Botox, when she actually hadn’t completed the full-training requirements. The conviction and exposure of Winter is a positive step in improving the safety of every patient considering this procedure, as Botox is completely safe when administered with the right pair of hands. Thus, this case exposes the importance of clients thoroughly investigating their options of surgeon. At Aesthetics of Essex, the safety of every client is at the forefront of our priorities. Our nurse is fully qualified to administer Botox, with evidence on display in our treatment rooms.

In other news, a French court has ordered a German company to pay compensation to the hundreds of women affected by the world-wide Poly Implant Prothese scandal. The breast-implant supplying company PIP, sent out batches of sub-standard silicone gel which had the high risk of rupturing, and in some cases actually did, therefore exposing many women to infection. This story emphasizes how there are people out there willing to risk the safety of patients, and hence it is so significant to trust those treating you. Furthermore, Aesthetics of Essex use the highest-quality products that are extremely safe and provide the best results.

It is these cases that we have discussed that give us at Aesthetics of Essex confidence in our non-surgical, beauty and laser treatment clinic. We can guarantee that our wide breath of clientele is a reflection of not only the excellent standard of every result we achieve, but also the primary concern of protecting the safety of every person we treat.

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