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Many of us have probably spent the summer bathing on sandy beaches to catch a tan, sipping cocktails with friends while out in the sun, and grilling chicken kebabs on the barbecue. However, it’s also likely that – on quite a few occasions – you’ve forgotten to apply sun screen to protect your skin.

We’re all fans of a tan, but did you know that soon after the sun has gone and the tan fades, dark spots and facial wrinkles may become apparent? This is a form of sun damage to your skin. Frequent use of sun beds and sun exposure increases the likelihood of these spots and risks of certain types of skin cancers, such as Melanoma – which can be deadly when left untreated.

Sun spots, age spots – what IS Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is the after-effects of sun exposure, it is caused by UV rays which penetrate deep into your skin, causing dark, brown spots to appear on the face, hands, shoulders and décolletage. These dark pigments – also known as sun spots and age spots – may take 10 to 20 years to form.

Treating skin pigmentation is possible. Below are some common methods used to combat hyperpigmentation, congested skin, and dehydrated skin.

Tips for clearer skin

Skin that is exposed to heat and UV rays for long periods of time without using sun protection can drastically accelerate the aging process. Moisture is lost within the skin, and as a result of this, fine lines may start form, or even worse, facial wrinkles could deepen.

We all know that visible wrinkles drastically age our appearance, that’s why it is important to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and retain its moisture. This is possible with an effective skin care regime that involves removing dead skin cells, unclogging pores, and restoring moisture in the skin.

Salicylic acid facial peels

Facial peels come with a range of benefits. Salicylic acid chemical peels (in particular) can be used on a timely basis to clear out clogged pores, kill bacteria, and control oil production for those with greasy skin.

The Salicylic facial peel treats discolouration an evens skin tone, it works by lightening the darker areas of skin so they are less noticeable.

Antioxidants in foods
– Vitamin A – an excellent antioxidant that helps in preventing skin damage,
– Vitamin C – considered a powerful antioxidant vitamin that helps in maintaining skin health,
– Vitamin E – helps in reducing redness, dryness and discoloration of skin,
– Vitamin B12 – considered a common cause of skin pigmentation, consume this vitamin on a regular basis will lighten darker areas of skin.

The Zo Skin Care Range
We supply Zo Skin Health products at our clinic in Essex.

Zo Skin Health improve signs of aging & skin pigmentation, transforming your skin with advanced skin care products and protecting your skin from sun damage. The skin care products available range from hydrating moisturisers, resurfacing exfoliaters, and cleansers containing antioxidants to serums and systems that help refine and rejuvenate the skin, protecting it from the harmful effects of daily exposure.

Free skin care consultations

Prepare your skin for the cold of winter and visit our Essex clinic for free skin care consultations. Consultations and recommendations are carried out by our skin care specialists.

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