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Skin Peels

    Skin Peels in Essex

    Do you have a skin concern that’s getting you down? Your first step should be to book in with us for a free of charge skin health assessment. One treatment we can offer you is our range of chemical skin peels.

    We all know that skin peels can be great to treat a range of conditions including acne, sun damage, pigmentation, fine line and wrinkles, scarring as well as refreshing thick, tired and dull looking skin.

    However the world of skin peels can be a confusing one. There are exfoliators, resurfacers and peels, all work to different strengths and perform differing tasks, which can mean it’s hard to know which one to choose.

    Exfoliators are the gentlest way to refresh the skin. Working on the top layer of the epidermis, the stratum corneum, it removes the dead skin cells revealing the new, healthy skin below. Exfoliators are topical and have no down-time.

    Resurfacers, sometimes referred to as mild peels, are superficial treatments, meaning that they work on the very top layers of the epidermis and use enzymes and acids to refine and exfoliate. Resurfacers generally have little-to-no downtime following treatment.

    Skin peels treat the top layers but also penetrate the mid to lower levers of the epidermis, delivering stronger, extended results. Because chemical peels are so active and deeply penetrating, downtime of up to 10 days can be expected.

    Book your skin health assessment in so we can discover which skin peel will work best for you.

    Procedure Time? 30 – 60 minutes

    Alumier skin peel pre and after treatment
    Alumier skin peel pre and after treatment
    Skin Peels
    Alumier Skin Peels
    Skin Care at Aesthetics of Essex

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Will I need downtime?

      No – you may be red and sensitive for 48 hours but typically no downtime is needed.

      Will it hurt?

      No, a mild burning sensation may be present when the peel is activ

      How quickly will I see results?

      Immediately but you must continue to look after your skin at home (we can help you with that too!).

      How much is it?

      Starting from £45

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