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Semi Perm Makeup

What is semi-permanent Make-Up?

Semi-permanent make up produce amazing results to enhance natural beauty and define the features of the face. For a small investment the results of flawless, stunning make up can last for years. You can now look forward to having denser, shapely eyebrows. Look and feel beautiful bare-faced with semi-permanent make up.
perm make up before
perm make up after

Semi-Permanent make up is the name for Micro Pigmentation; the process of implanting pigment into the facial area. It may also be known as cosmetic tattooing. The treatment is much less intimidating and gentler than a tattoo and is much more in kind with a beauty treatment. Micro pigmentation is a very specialised procedure that should only be carried out by highly trained professionals such as Ella Stokes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need downtime?

No, but you may find they scab over whilst healing.

Will it hurt?

Mild discomfort.

How quickly will I see results?


How much is it?



As eyebrows frame the face, this treatment hugely benefits those with eyebrows that are fair, thin, sparses, scarred or generally uneven. Well groomed eyebrows can act as an instant face lift giving you a more youthful looking appearance. A skilled technique allows the illusion of real hairs to be created; this together with the perfect colour match gives the realistic look of a natural brow. Definition can be added to completely reshape the brow, achieving the look that you desire. Those who have suffered hair loss as a result or alopecia or illness will find this treatment to be incredibly beneficial.


The lips are one of the most sensual features of the face. The various procedures offer an effective way of adding volume and symmetry as well as providing a solution for uneven or poorly shaped lips, as it enhances the outer line creating the appearance of a fuller lip. The shape of the lips can be enhanced or defined by using a hint of colour to match your natural lip shade or favourite lip pencil. From a soft lip line to full lip blush the choice is yours! As well as giving you luscious lips it also assists in camouflaging scars and helps to stop lipstick from bleeding into the fine lines around the mouth.


Having a treatment such as eyeliner or lash enhancement is a fabulous way to open up the eyes and emphasize their colour. Eyelashes can be enhanced to look thicker and fuller by adding tiny dots of pigment between your own lashes giving a totally natural finish. Alternatively the daily chore of applying liquid or kohl can be replaced with semi-permanent eyeliner to suit the style you desire. The versatility of this treatment means it can be applied to look natural, fine, thick or dramatic and is equally perfect for contact lens wearers and those who suffer with sensitive eyes.

The Procedure

All semi-permanent procedures take a minimum of 2 visits and require a patch test and FREE consultation prior treatment.

The area that the pigment will be placed is applied with make up first so the client can confirm they are happy to with the expected result. A numbing solution is then applied and the micro pigmentation is carried out whilst the client is lying comfortably on the bed.

Immediately after the procedure the area may be slightly red and swollen but this will soon subside. The pigment will appear darker and more intense for several days as some is still lying on the first layer of the skin. It is asked that the client does not get the area wet for 48 hours. Complete healing can take up to six weeks to settle into the skin and the true colour to be seen. As part of your procedure with Joanna Twyman, a follow up treatment is provided. This visit will assess how the pigment has gone into the skin and whether alterations are required.

Each visit should be spaced out between 4 – 6 weeks and you should follow the prescribed aftercare advice from our technicians to ensure your desired result.


Semi-permanent makeup will be beneficial to you if you…

would like to enhance facial features
apply makeup daily
have a visual impairment
suffer from alopecia
are a chemotherapy patient
suffer from allergies, strokes, burns or scars


How long will the makeup last?
Although the pigment will stay in the skin indefinitely the colour remains visible for several years. This can change depending on the client’s age, skin type, pigment colour choices and lifestyle. Top up treatments are highly recommended every year for the best continued results.

How long is the procedure?

The procedure can last up to 90 minutes.

Is the procedure painful?

Every client is different and we try to keep any discomfort to a minimal. The areas is numbed before and during the treatment too.

Do I have a choice about the look of my results?
Yes. As the client you will be consulted and have control every step of the way talking through desired shape and colour. We offer free consultations where choices and expectations can be discussed.

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Summary of your Treatment

Procedure Time

1 - 2 hours estimated

Full Recovery

48 Hours Estimated

Duration of Results

Lasting Results

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Sensitivity Period

1 -2 Hours Estimated

Risks and Complications

Redness and swelling




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