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Collagen Simulators

    Sculptra and Ellanse

    At Aesthetics of Essex we are proud to use the latest dermal fillers on the market. There is no shortage of anti-aging treatments, each designed to give you a refreshed, younger look. Some are very similar, and others work in specific areas.

    Sculptra and Ellanse are unique and not to be compared to most on the market because the bio-stimulating dermal fillers use the body’s natural response to foreign bodies and stimulate the formation of collagen, making a longer-lasting implant. Ultimately, this treatment offers a multipurpose, non-surgical approach to increase soft tissue and contouring, and presents a variety of potential cosmetic uses

    What is Sculptra?

    Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable collagen stimulant, which is designed to fill wrinkles and reduce hollow, sunken cheeks. The treatment increases your body’s natural production of collagen, which we lose every year from the age of 20 by one percent, so this treatment is key for tightening skin. The effect of Sculptra will increase over time, meaning, although your results may not be immediate, you’ll see the results become more apparent over the next few months.

    What is Ellanse?

    ELLANSÉ® works differently and naturally. Thanks to its unique properties, it not only corrects wrinkles and folds but also stimulates your own collagen production to really treat the underlying causes of facial ageing, the effects are gradual and longer-lasting giving you a natural youthful appearance.

    How do I know which one to have?

    Don’t panic! That’s what we are here for. We will consult with you and decide together which is the best treatment for you.

    Procedure Time? Averagely 30 minutes

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there any downtime?

    No, absolutely none. You may experience a few mild side effects – such as slight swelling, sensitivity, tenderness or bruising at the injection site. But these typically disappear within a couple of days and, after the appointment, you should be able to continue with your usual day-to-day activities.

    Some people even choose to have collagen stimulators on their lunch break and then return to work straight after. They’re non-invasive, convenient, and can be easily slotted into your day.

    Do collagen stimulators hurt?

    Most people assume that collagen stimulators will be painful – but they’re actually not too bad.

    Of course, everyone’s pain threshold is different, and it’s impossible to predict how you will react. However, both Sculptra and Ellanse contain an anaesthetic (to help reduce pain), and a topical anaesthetic will be applied to your skin prior to the injection. You may feel a slight scratch as the needle is inserted. But, generally speaking, collagen stimulators are well-tolerated by our clients, and most people describe it as a ‘mildly uncomfortable’ procedure.

    How quickly will I see results?

    You should notice a slight improvement immediately after your appointment. But, it’s important to note, the results of both Ellanse and Sculptra injections are gradual. They need sufficient time to stimulate your body’s natural collagen production and restore the skin’s inner volume. Therefore, in most cases, the best results can be seen approximately 4-6 months after the first treatment.

    How much do collagen stimulators cost?

    The exact cost of your collagen stimulators will depend on how many injections you require.

    On average, most people need three appointments – over a few months – with appointments starting from approximately £450. But for a more accurate price, we recommend booking a free consultation with our therapists. This gives us a chance to discuss your wishes, decide on the best collagen stimulators for you (i.e. Sculptra or Ellanse) and provide further details on cost.


    It is important to us that all our clients feel safe and in good hands when they come to Aesthetics of Essex.

    Please do feel free to ask to view your practitioners full certificate when you are in clinic.

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