Line & Wrinkle Treatment

Line & Wrinkle Treatment has become an increasingly popular cosmetic procedure in the UK since it was licensed in 1994. Its popularity has coincided with society’s growing emphasis on personal appearance and desire to remain looking fresh and youthful for as long as possible.

The Line & Wrinkle Treatment procedure involves injecting a solution into the muscles behind the skin which temporarily puts them to sleep for three to six months. Subsequently, as these muscles relax and become unable to move, expression lines are prevented from appearing on the surface. As a result, skin looks smoother and younger- perfect for those whose skin is reaching a mature stage. As could be predicted, Line & Wrinkle Treatment is most commonly performed on facial areas, where skin is always noticeable and experiences most movement.

Furthermore, this radiant improvement is guaranteed to give you not only youthful skin, but also a boost of self-confidence as you flourish in your fresher appearance and enjoy the compliments on how well you are looking!

Our nurse at Aesthetics of Essex has over seventeen years of experience in administering Line & Wrinkle Treatment and is well-acclaimed in the UK. In the right hands, Line & Wrinkle Treatment is completely safe therefore this breadth of experience is significant. With us you are guaranteed a high quality Line & Wrinkle Treatment, where the improvement in your skin’s appearance will have those around you envious and wanting the same treatment! What’s more, we offer a loyalty scheme which means you get your sixth treatment for free! Not only are we highly professional about this practice, we offer a friendly and empathetic service that is well practiced across all of our procedures at Aesthetics of Essex.

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